I know the most interesting man in the world

Most interesting man

No, not the fictional Dos Equis pitch man, but a real guy, Brian Patrick Cork.

Brian is interesting in many ways, one is that he is an intrepid networker. He has introduced me to twelve (12) people, and every one has been fascinating and relevant to speak with. They all have incredible stories and we have the potential to do serious business together. One thing that impresses me about Brian is not only does he have a big and valuable rolodex, but it’s refreshing in the way he goes about sharing and leveraging it. I’m inspired by Brian, and I hope you will be too.

Brian is an executive and business coach to movers and shakers (he calls them, “decision-makers”); the people who really do make things happen. They’re launching businesses, building teams, driving change initiatives, raising money, and pivoting to new careers. Brian helps his clients make better decisions. He gets them to aim at the right target then hit the bullseye.

He is particularly adept at getting the best people into the right job and the resources to be successful. Decision-makers seek Brian out for best of class people, financial capital, and access to meaningful and relevant customers and partners. Networking obviously plays a big part in that. He connects people with the expectation that they will help one another. Brian is quite deliberate about this. For example, when he introduces two people, he communicates the mission, in a concise email with embedded LinkedIn profiles. He always finishes with, “nothing but good will come of this”. I love the way he puts it all into perspective: “We have to use our super powers for good.” He absolutely expects the people he introduces to focus on what’s important to the other person then make their abilities and resources available. This makes him a superb ally.1433377400_Leader

Brian’s example motivates me. He is generous with his time, wisdom, and his contacts. He always looks to help others. He focuses on their objectives, looking for ways to benefit them. Brian exemplifies the leadership principle of serving others; a “servants heart”, if you will.

Join me in following Brian’s example.